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Southwest Physical Medicine is your source for the best-in-class, comprehensive care you desire for your family.

Medical Services

Our office offers a full range of medical services including hormone replacement, blood panels, and stem cell treatments.

Better Technology

Dr. Carter and staff are devoted to bringing you the best tools and assistive devices to aid in recovery and rehabilitation.

Best Treatment

Dr. Carter and the team at Southwest Physical Medicine are dedicated to providing the best treatment available for every patient, with every need.

Welcome to Southwest Physical Medicine and Hulen Chiropractic Clinic

Your Source for Chiropractic & Integrated Medical Care

Hulen Chiropractic has partnered with Southwest Physical Medicine to offer our patients a breakthrough in quality wellness. Our patients now have access to the best of both medical and chiropractic services, right in your area. Victoria Emanuele, ACNP is a Nurse Practitioner that is now serving the Fort Worth area. She has partnered with Dr. Greg Carter, a doctor of chiropractic medicine with over 16 years of experience, to create a one stop shop to wellness at Southwest Physical Medicine. Together, they offer a complete wellness solution for today’s modern patient.

Our experienced staff is always ready to answer your questions and assist you with any concerns. We offer an integrated approach that combines conservative techniques with the latest medical care. We want to help you to address the underlying problems you have through a conservative, non-surgical approach. We use only the most modern methods, all proven to provide improvement, and relief.

When you get care from our chiropractor, you can often avoid surgery. And, in many cases, obtain relief much quicker, without the need for medication. We use state-of-the-art treatments to help reduce pain, improve range of movement, and aid in improving your quality of life. We offer solutions that provide natural pain relief in a safe and effective manner.

At Southwest Physical Medicine and Hulen Chiropractic, we’re committed to providing you with exceptional care and innovative solutions for your pain and wellness needs. Talk to us today about your specific needs.

Turn to Us for Comprehensive Care

Get to know our team today. Come see us!!!! Call us at (817) 835-3077 to schedule an appointment and to learn more about the advanced services we offer for all of your chiropractic care needs.

Victoria Emanuele, ACNP & Dr. Greg Carter, D.C.
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When you meet with our team, you’ll be able to get much more than basic care. We offer a wide range of services to address all of the needs of our patients. Our integrated care services include:

PRP and stem cell injections to encourage healing and improvement of function

Physical therapies designed to improve the specific areas of concern you are struggling with after a car accident, sports injury, or other conditions

Spinal decompression through advanced chiropractic care to relieve chronic pain and discomfort brought on by disc herniation and misalignment

Trigger Point injections will help relax those stubborn muscles and nerves to allow for better treatment options.

Invisa-Red Weight/Inch Loss system, INITIAL consultation is FREE!

Weight loss solutions based on medical break throughs and lifestyle changes.

Cold laser therapy, ideal for pain relief and treatment of underlying muscle problems

When you work with our team, you’ll improve in areas where you need the most attention and care. This may include increasing your mobility, helping you to lose or gain weight, and reducing chronic pain and discomfort. For many people, this means a better quality of life and improved overall health.

Services & Treatments

Stem Cell Injections

For joint injuries or degenerative spinal diseases, nothing is more effective than PRP and stem cell injections. These therapies involve concentrating stem cells or your body’s natural platelet-rich plasma and injecting them at the injured site. Then these raw materials go to work creating new tissue, lubricating joints and relieving pain. Stem Cells go to work alleviating pain and creating new healed areas where your injuries are. Trigger point injections help to temporarily relieve pain in specific regions.

Hydration Therapy

Our IV hydration therapy will help you recover, revitalize and feel GREAT. Our IV treatments are 100% absorbed and will leave you feeling rejuvenated in just 45 min. We want to help renew your energy and health. If you have been traveling or out celebrating with friends our hydration treatments will revitalize you. Don’t let low energy keep you down. Life moves fast and Southwest Physical Medicine will help keep you moving faster!
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Chiropractic Care in Fort Worth

Your spinal column connects every major point in your body. Poor alignment can cause pain and even affect your overall health. Fortunately, you can visit Southwest Physical Medicine for chiropractic care from Dr. Greg Carter, D.C. We know a healthy body relies on a healthy spine, which is why chiropractic care and physical therapy is the center of what we do.

What is Chiropractic Care?

The purpose of chiropractic care is to alleviate pain by gently manipulating spinal joints and muscles. Utilizing these techniques help to restore normal joint function and movement and alleviate pain and spasms. Dr. Greg Carter, D.C. is educated to make precise adjustments that help your body heal without surgery or powerful drugs. If your neck or back has been injured, or you suffer from a chronic condition such as degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis or spinal stenosis, you can benefit from chiropractic care.

Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor

There’s no reason to suffer with acute back pain after an injury or chronic pain caused by a degenerative disease. We deliver non-invasive, effective treatments to help manage or completely alleviate your pain. Visit us to improve your range of motion, enhance your health and improve your quality of life.

Wellness Blood Panels

A blood panel will guide your treatment course to bring you the best overall wellness and healing. Victoria Emanuele, ACNP works with Dr. Greg Carter, D.C. to determine any causes of pain, reasons for health concerns. Or, genetic conditions that contribute to your well-being. Our holistic approach means that not only do you feel a reduction in discomfort but also that your healthy outlook dramatically improves.
A wellness blood panel at Southwest Physical Medicine provides our nurse practitioner and chiropractor with valuable insight into your health. Our wellness blood panel may include the following results:

  • Hormones - we monitor hormone levels as an indicator of life's transitions so we can suggest natural ways to smooth the peaks and valleys.
  • Diabetes - your wellness panel includes glucose levels to track changes which may signal diabetes or other blood sugar conditions.
  • Allergy panel - an accurate list of your allergies helps you avoid potential triggers for allergy attacks, migraines, headaches, itchy eyes, runny nose and fatigue.
  • Cardiovascular - your blood panels gives us an idea of your cardiovascular health and risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.
  • Metabolic panel - these results show us if changes can be made in your diet and exercise program to improve your health.
  • Genetic testing - tests for a genetic predisposition for health conditions such as breast cancer.
  • Rare diseases - your blood panel may uncover a previously undiagnosed disease or the beginnings of health risks that may lead to disease.
  • Inflammation and pain - we monitor your inflammation levels as an indicator of your progress or to signal if your chiropractic care needs to be adjusted.

Hematology Results

When we receive the results of your wellness blood panel, we discuss them with you to determine the best ways to improve your health. We may make nutritional and exercise recommendations to lessen your risks of heart disease and to reduce your inflammation and pain. We also show you how chiropractic care benefits your health by positioning your body in the best possible alignment. When your spine is aligned, your body functions at a higher level and is able to heal many risk factors and help you avoid illness and injury.

Drip Therapy

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

We offer Low-T hormone replacement therapy and Bio TE hormone replacement pellets for both men and women. This therapy can normalize hormonal imbalances due to menopause or other issues. Come in today to learn more about this life-changing therapy.

Weight Loss

If you need to lose weight, our chiropractor in Fort Worth can prescribe the right weight loss program for your current health and future goals. We offer both medical weight loss programs and natural weight loss strategies.

Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractor in Fort Worth performs detailed spinal screenings and precisely-administered chiropractic care to restore your musculoskeletal alignment and neurological function, relieving pain and improving your overall health.


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