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Wellness Blood Panels with our Fort Worth Chiropractic Center

Southwest Physical Medicine is happy to announce that our partnership with Melissa Pridemore, FNP brings many health benefits to our new and existing clients. Our nurse practitioner encourages a wellness blood panel as a complement to your alternative health care plan. In addition to guiding your chiropractic care in Fort Worth, a wellness blood panel provides valuable information on underlying health risks, diseases or future concerns.

A blood panel provides valuable information on possible health risks or future concerns. Call our chiropractor and nurse practitioner in Fort Worth today!

As we gather your health history, a blood panel will guide your treatment course to bring you the best overall wellness and healing. Melissa Pridemore works with our Fort Worth chiropractor to determine any causes of pain, reasons for health concerns or genetic conditions that contribute to your well-being. Our holistic approach means that not only do you feel a reduction in discomfort but also that your healthy outlook dramatically improves. 

Our Chiropractor in Fort Worth Recommends Wellness Blood Panels

A wellness blood panel at Southwest Physical Medicine provides our nurse practitioner and chiropractor with valuable insight into your health. Our wellness blood panel may include the following results:

  • Hormones- we monitor hormone levels as an indicator of life's transitions so we can suggest natural ways to smooth the peaks and valleys.

  • Diabetes- your wellness panel includes glucose levels to track changes which may signal diabetes or other blood sugar conditions. 

  • Allergy panel- an accurate list of your allergies helps you avoid potential triggers for allergy attacks, migraines, headaches, itchy eyes, runny nose and fatigue.

  • Cardiovascular- your blood panels gives us an idea of your cardiovascular health and risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

  • Metabolic panel- these results show us if changes can be made in your diet and exercise program to improve your health.

  • Genetic testing- tests for a genetic predisposition for health conditions such as breast cancer.

  • Rare diseases- your blood panel may uncover a previously undiagnosed disease or the beginnings of health risks that may lead to disease.

  • Inflammation and pain- we monitor your inflammation levels as an indicator of your progress or to signal if your chiropractic care needs to be adjusted.

Hematology Results

When we receive the results of your wellness blood panel, we discuss them with you to determine the best ways to improve your health.  We may make nutritional and exercise recommendations to lessen your risks of heart disease and to reduce your inflammation and pain. We also show you how chiropractic care benefits your health by positioning your body in the best alignment. When your spine is aligned, your body functions at a higher level and is able to heal many risk factors and help you avoid illness and injury.

Contact Us to Learn More about Wellness Blood Panels

Our supportive staff knows that you want to live life to the fullest and that includes being healthy and well on a daily basis. Our chiropractor and nurse practitioner want this for you as well and have the testing, education, evaluation and advice to show you how to achieve your goals. To begin your journey at Southwest Physical Medicine, please call us today at (817) 945-2277.